Porcelain body art, apt for any application: exterior use as well as residential and commercial.

Tanto, In Italian, means lot of or very much. This mosaic tile uses several time more than the ordinary amount of glaze, and takes time and takes the name Tanto because of its full-bodied look.

Design dialogue between volumes and chromatic elections as a common thread, with a contemporary and cosmopolitan feel. There are no longer any constraints to the customer´s imagination.

Its identity , stricking geometry of cubic lines, full of vibrant colours with interior spaces almost labyrinthine by the seaside.

To deepen the good looks we developed a subtle hammered surface, enriching and adding a handmade feel to top off the final result.

Time was conceived to commemorate a decade of collaboration between Mutina and Barber and Osgerby. It serves as an exploration of the natural weathering processes, where the recurrent actions of water and wind gradually erode and refine surfaces, shaping landscapes and evolving rugged features into sleek forms.

LIGHTHOUSE Collection serves as a beacon to anyone searching for fresh design and innovative looks. From its precariously picturesque position on rocky cliffs that jut into the ocean, the Portofino lighthouse offers a unique vantage point of the shoreline, and the beautiful effects the shifting weather has upon the sea and sand.

Mutina America collection is available by setting up an appointment with one of our design libraries. Please contact your nearest design library to view these beautiful domestically stocked items.

Mutina America collection is available by setting up an appointment with one of our design libraries. Please contact your nearest design library to view these beautiful domestically stocked items.

Mutina America collection is available by setting up an appointment with one of our design libraries. Please contact your nearest design library to view these beautiful domestically stocked items.

Looking for a sophisticated and original outcome? Twister allows your personal pattern combination, opening a new dimension in your design plan. Decoration that becomes a piece of art, each wall a canvas and each piece a collector´s item. Twist your design until your plan comes true!

Take a look through our collection of basalt, lava, limestone, and marble products. All of our stone products can be customized and cut to size to meet your project specification.

Dynamic color variations flow across Waves surfaces, creating a contemporary, elegant and unique look.

Fringe - ornamental border made of threads or strips - is the first collection designed by Michael Anastassiades for Mutina.

One of the premier quarries of Bianco Dolomiti, a globally recognizes white marble, prized for it’s fine paint like white background and wispy gray veining. The material is quarried on the island of Marmara in the Marmara Sea off the west coast of mainland Turkey.

Experience our cool color notes, contrasts in glossy and matte and present your spaces the way you are.

Like colors diluted in water and applied in translucent layers, enhancing the charms of the fluid color movement, its transparency and depth.

Abbey Stone embodies the way time alters and shapes the appearance by adding its special patina over the centuries.

Roots is our vision of the Terracota. This collection has been created using a specially formulated matte enamel for use both indoors and outdoors.

Prima is a reminder of the essentiality of clay, revisited with an appealing contemporary accent. A material conceived to design environments with an instinctive, yet contemporary comfort.

With Kosei, which means composition in Japanese, Vincent Van Duysen proposes a range of ceramic surfaces developed with pure and tactile materials, inspired by lava rocks such as obsidian and volcanic glasses, which are homogeneous, amorphous and with exceptional hardness.

Play guarantees the possibility of large single-color surfaces with harmonious visual results and high technical performance.

Inspired in the nineteenth century by the hand made cement tiles full of character and recalling the mastery of the mosaic artisans, who composed their designs one piece at the time.

Modern design finds its perfect correspondence with the soft lines and immersive shades of the collection. A palette of colors in tune with the contemporary design and architectural trends represents the best choice for the most innovative interior design projects.

A stunning collection of glass tiles and mosaics featuring a soft satin finish in a fresh color pallete.

Mosaics and wall tiles mindfully designed to highlight the splintered geometric shapes, multiple angles and perception of depth that one would find in artworks from the Cubism movement.

Modern Mixer is centered around Terrazzo. It is a take on the timeless yet stylish mid-century modern aesthetic that defies simplicity, functaionality and boldness.

Classic Statuario, centered around a theme of classic elegance, features the timeless white statuario mareble stone.

A design in a transitional stage, on going development over a matt canvas where passing through points, lines are created to conform your own making.

Fayenza is our more translucid creation, showcasing the fluidity and beauty of cristaline glazes. Backed with the ancient inherited expertise of our ceramists and design oriented background, each colour version has been caringly developed in the perfect environment and breeding ground, to express our vision of tiles excellence

Stardust is inspired in the outer space; It is our interpretation through texture, colour application and a touch of WOW

The look of one of the most precious types, to dress the home and other architectural spaces with warm and enveloping atmospheres. Places to enjoy intense and fulfilling moments of everyday life, embraced by a natural and elegant, simple and contemporary design. Cocoon is the ideal combination to fully express your emotions.

Natural appearance, warmth and elegance lead your journey through the extraordinary beauty of Pathway surfaces. Inspired by the world of limestones, the accurate exploration and redefinition of this stone peculiarities makes any space exclusive and refined.

The catalyst behind Rotunda’s influence is best characterized by its clean and crisp color palette. Calacatta Gold, Nero Marquina, Dolomite and Tunisian Grey dominate the collection. These beautiful stones are the epitome of everlasting classics. The striking veining found in each of these stones is the focus element and brings color and movement into the materials. Additionally, you’ll find distinct mosaics that combine marble with the durability of porcelain to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

With a structured range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes, Norr offers endless applications for floors, walls and interior design solutions, in both public and residential settings. This versatility allows the collection to engage with both indoor and outdoor style, shaping a global project with extraordinary visual, aesthetic and functional continuity.

Stone Edition is available in four textures for those who want the charm of a stone floor. Pietra Pece interprets a stone covering for interiors treated with powders and dark pigments and distinguished by high and low relief effects. Travertine reinterprets the sedimentary stone Roman travertine, in which small inclusions of fossils create a texture of materials stratified over time. Breccia Grey is a stoneware slab, resembling grey stone, on which white veins trace ever-changing patterns just like those of natural stone. Finally, Pietra di Borgogna, the most recognised French stone in the world, is beige in colour and has been used for centuries in architecture.

A mixture of stone, porcelain and ceramics that are in stock.

A flagship collection, this classic has been revamped with a variety of formats and finishes to make it even more modern and versatile. Ideal for any commercial or residential space, let our color palette be your inspiration for your next project.

Venistone is the collection that reproduces the Venetian breccia with an approach to contemporary art, a recall to the design and to the city of Venice, in its most modern meaning.

Anima achieves perfect balance between the natural look of stone and the industrial qualities of concrete. Its seemingly uniform calcareous surface dotted with small pebbles makes it ideal for use in elegant contemporary spaces.

Key_Mood draws its inspiration from a classic Italian stone, which is elemental and elegant, interpreting it with a modern and minimalist twist; this line of porcelain tiles takes man back to his essence, a return to nature towards unprecedented style accomplishments.

The Faithful collection is truly amazing with stunning colors and features. The first to master this revolutionary technology of replicating “the bog-wood process” that occurs when logs lie buried in lakes, river, and waterways for hundreds of years, deprived of oxygen and sunlight. This process in nature can take centuries for the wood to turn from its natural color to deep golden brown or even completely black. Hallmark has emulated nature’s methods to create saturated colors throughout the top layer, creating stunning, weathered patinas. Faithful bog-wood, driftwood, and weathered barn wood are all very rare. These cherished wood treasures are in high demand worldwide for use in furniture and flooring.

Unique Travertine is an anthem to the tactile beauty of travertine stone. It is a lovely, versatile collection that reinterprets a classical material from a fresh, highly contemporary viewpoint: a complete project, with additional inspiration from the different ways travertine can be shaped.

Room 12.10 the traditional size 10x10 - 4”x4” perfectly matches with our original selection of tonalities. Sage, Straw and Rose are the colors family that we thought to give you the possibility to create high level interior projects. Each family has three shades of colors, from the lightest to the darkest one, showing a chromatic effect, unseen before. Chalk, the pureness of the white, is a plain base to create the special decor we designed. Confetti, taken from the color famillies already mentioned, compose an innovative pattern, reminding a modern version of a terrazzo effect. Porcelain stoneware, rich glaze, artisanal effect. A traditional size revisited with a contemporary vision.

In response to the urgency of the climate crisis, Plaster 2.0 presents a necessary revolution within the industry. Plaster 2.0 is MILE®stone’s first entirely carbon neutral product. It is a beautiful concrete design paired with six bold hues that replicate the artistic layering of venetian plaster. This collection is available in various sizes, along with coordinating trim pieces that offers you conscious versatility.

A collection with the most distinctive feature is the relationship between tile and space that is defined by lines and volumes, smooth (Marea), concave (Bassa-marea) and convex (Alta-marea). Marea is inspired by the sea and its movements.

A natural style with a refined spirit: soft material effects interpret rocks, stones, sands, translated into fluid surfaces that transcend the border between indoor and outdoor areas. The collection originally combines different textures, more or less pronounced, to obtain a sustained, yet balanced rhythm. Colours are those of the earth (White, Beige, Natural, Grey, Dark) and sizes enable various laying solutions, also for outdoors. The range is completed by a 3D wall product suitable for tile cladding.

Grace collection is a diversity in color. It is oval and rectangular, shape your view.

Two complementary profi les, a minimalistic one and a bevelled that enhances the glazes properties, both in six estimulating colours for your senses.

We love the beauty of little things, the individual details that make up a whole. Uniqueness lies in the tiny flaws, the subtle variations that underline the nature of the material. Every day, we rediscover the value of experience, the care with which we observe things to breathe in their truest essence.

Inspired by the natural vein patterns of sandstone, Elegance Pro is a collection designed with an emphasis on versatility and creativity. The refined design, conceived and developed using a new production process to more accurately replicate natural stone, distinguishes a collection with infinite architectural potential.

Flauti is suitable for the indoor cladding of residential and commercial spaces, like restaurants or stores and precisely thanks to its technical and aesthetic characteristics also for the outdoor facades, recalling a typical Italian tradition which found its highest expression in the middle of the last century.

For a roaring good look, this art deco collection hits the mark.

A great stone option with a price point to meet budget.

A porcelain tile collection that is perfect for those spaces wanting to make a statement.

Not your ordinary subway tile, this porcelain collection is an ideal choice for floors and walls that need that special touch.

Six, proposes a contemporary and functional stay, where you can explore new uses of its porcelain body that can be placed in any wall or floor, even exterior.

To stand in awe of, and with affection for, Mother Nature.

To stand in awe of, and with affection for, Mother Nature.

Sensibility and aesthetic awareness cultivated in this nation of four seasons come alive throughCHAR(13) + CHAR(10) expressions molded from clay and fire: Welcome to Japanese Tile World

To stand in awe of, and with affection for, Mother Nature. Embedded in the Japanese DNA is the desire to seek out the spirit of life across infinite phases in nature—beyond plants and flowers, at times among inorganic sheer rock and rippling water.

Create an artful impact with the modern multi-tone glaze effect evoked by the Riviera Collection. Fresh, stunning colors characterized by tone-on-tone color variation provide an updated, elegant aesthetic for any wall tile application.

"Nakama" and its decors "Wabi" and "Kinstsugi", are inspired in the rustic simplicity, stillness and the imperfect quality of any object that gives elegance to the whole. "Karui" and its decor "Suki", combine shine, freshness and tradition with the warmth of nature.

Unique, flawed, essential matter. TotalBrick, the line inspired by hand-made majolica tiles, sets out to provide a range of simple, versatile yet characterful pieces, for the creation of infinite compositions and moods.

Mud, reconnects us with our passion to work with natural materials, stories of crafts and beauty. Craftmanship detail with a minimalist design language and two complementary speeches conducting it: square and diamond shapes.

Inspired in natural stones Piasentina and Calacatta, highly valued for their aesthetics, refi ned veins and versatility to combine with any other looking finish.

Past meets the present in gesture material.

A contemporary reading of venetial terrazzo.

Harmonious tones that come together in a single space.

Walls, floors, this hexagon gives you multiple design options.

A contemporary surface design that links concrete versatility with stone appeal Inspired by the beauty of natural stone merged with the strength of concrete, Link expresses an ambiance that is both subtle and captivating. A gentle movement of fine grains and details communicates a modern elegance compatible with any style.

Pillar interprets and exalts the warm tones of the typical French limestones, always appreciated for their versatility and aesthetic balance, guaranteeing at the same time hygiene and durability in interior floors and walls, in both residential and commercial areas.

Style and performance that owes everything to tradition. Produced using natural ingredients fashioned using state-of-the-art, environmentally compatible technology, this line recreates the essence and features of traditional materials.

Lombarda expands the potential of contemporary architecture with a collection inpsired by Ceppo di Gré, the stone used for Milan's most iconic 20C buildings. With the striking, charismatic Lombarda, confirms its technical excellence and offers a style rich in meaning and prestige for the design of public and private interiors. The ceramic covering harmonises architectural forms to realise exclusive design projects. Lombarda is available in three colours, in semi-polished and natural finishesm and inspires new architectural approaches where elegance and practicality meet.

Pastel and rich vibrant colors, artisan finishes, trendy metallics and earthy stones to delight your senses. Presenting two lush and decorative shaped scales, tear and elle, to boho chic any living space to the most demanding taste.

Revival in modern construction to resemble the character, warmth and connotations of the Countryside. In fusion with the actual trends, Cottage Collection, evokes picturesque houses full of charms. Two shapes: Hexagon sized 14x16cm (5.5x6.3”) and handmade in 7x14cm (2.7”x5.5”), both in porcelain for any launch or open space use. Whitewashed coloured terracotas, naturally aged and shaded in versions sand, cotto, graphite, grey and off white. Magical inspiration for today´s home to the highest demands.

Curtsey to the Imperial Moroccan city of Fez and its worldwide famous craft skills, considered as an alive cultural treasure. Designed with a traditional approach, that combines beauty and practicality, they are suitable for any neat environment. How to choose between the range of suggestive colours? glossy translucent finishes, soft mats, metallics in steel and copper sized 6.2x12,5cm (2.5”x5”) Twenty delightful alternatives full of life.

A mosaic collection that is founded on culture and tradition cultivated by the Japanese populace.

Modern architectural concrete is a welcome addition to our conrete looking porcelain tile collections.

A collection inspired by the volcanic power of granite, a stone with a simple, primitive appearance that always provide the versatile, expressive base for works of architecture built to last over time.

Porcelain wood planks.........in stock.

REVERSO stone-effect porcelain stoneware interprets the back side of travertine slabs, with slight imperfections, less evident and almost faded surface graphics.

The perfection of concrete becomes a ceramic material.

Developed in the South of France in the middle of the 19th century, it was used as typical flooring until the beginning of the 1960s in the 20th century. Hydraulic is based on that style of architecture.