Colors, design and materials are the three words that make up Glam Project which brings together various material inspirations.

Timeless modern beauty. The timeless modernity of travertine and its harmonious elegance are expressed in an extremely versatile collection also in terms of colors, which range from cold tones to warmer, enveloping nuances.

We present ICON, a simple and light ceramic piece, devoid of decorations, with a minimalist character. With a geometry that gives it an imposing symbolic and conceptual load, created by and for architecture.

A limestone rich in details, shade variation and irregularities.

A contemporary reinterpretation of a great classic from the Italian tradition. Forme combines the warmth and appeal of terracotta with the technical properties of porcelain stoneware.

Valentinais aimed at enhancing the elements of the old metal sheets of the construction sites, composed of two different models, it is a linear model and a closing model.

Tanto, In Italian, means lot of or very much. This mosaic tile uses several time more than the ordinary amount of glaze, and takes time and takes the name Tanto because of its full-bodied look.

The leaf as a symbol of plant growth, the bamboo, as an element of greatness, given its height and finally the shell, a protective element or casing. These elements generate a pleasant sense of relaxation within an environment, the message that we want to convey with the birth of this line.

Design dialogue between volumes and chromatic elections as a common thread, with a contemporary and cosmopolitan feel. There are no longer any constraints to the customer´s imagination.


Fusing art and ceramics in an ode to cement and metal.

Meet a wide range of textures, engraved on natural stone, marble and porcelain, combining different styles, from classic to contemporary, from minimal to pop-inspired design.

New and Different, and so good.

Courageous sensitivity and restrained elation. Duality revealed in the Micra collection making it a versatile collection for contrasting tastes. The aesthetic of the Micra collection is based on an intense palette of coloured cements inlaid with tiny fragments in varied intensities. Micra consists of a wide range of porcelain and wall tiles with uneven pieces.

Cluster was inspired by the traditional Venetian Palladian tile made of fragments of precious marble, including Carrara marble. A product that is part of one of those macro trends that we can still affirm are experiencing a long wave: the terrazzo.

The harmony of this natural material blends into scenarios characterised by balanced colour gradients.

Blutech, a collection that represents an evolution in technical tiles in unglazed porcelain stoneware. The full-body colouring creates a highly appealing look where the surface and body of the tile have the same colour tone, ensuring a homogeneous, compact colour palette, enriched with tone-on-tone colour shades. Its durability in the toughest conditions makes Blutech an ideal product for high traffic environments.

A succession of natural colors generated by the freshest aesthetic canons of modern design and enriched by a polychromy of reflecting flakes naturally blended in a concrete body.

Pigmenti has been recognized with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023, anArchiproducts Design Award and a Sustainability Award, confirming Lea Ceramiche's design excellence, aesthetics, design and focus on sustainable solutions.

The aesthetics of Ceppo di Gré thus open up to new application opportunities within residential, commercial and public designs.

Endless horizons where heaven and earth merge, mirages that slowly take shape to become breathtaking visions. The prodigious view of unspoilt nature enters the interior of the everyday, bringing together immensity and essentiality. Soft gleams of light caress the surfaces, drawing warm and harmonious atmospheres that envelop the rooms, capturing the soul of simplicity.

Breathe, stop, imagine. Aptitude for subtraction to leave space for light and stillness, in tune with the elements of nature. Sensations of lightness, measured gestures, amplified perceptions: emotions flow fluidly and the free gaze embraces interior landscapes marked by balance. The surfaces alternate and chase each other with a gentle rhythm, in a pure atmosphere.

Chamotte is an artisanal collection, entirely handcrafted. The elements present a glossy surface with a tactile feeling, obtained by applying a selection of coloured glazes typical of artistic ceramic, that enhance the natural beauty of the material.

A ceramic collection that encompasses and exalts the essence of limestone, one of the most seductive and versatile stones, thanks to its unmistakable elegance.

Honey Wood, the porcelain stoneware series which conveys the same vibrations expressed by natural wood. The intensity of the nuances and the relief effect of the grain running across the surface enhance the structure, typical of freshly cut wood, revealing the most authentic aspects of the material.

The Genesi collection springs from the desire to explore the origins of matter by observing its most imperceptible details, its most intimate nuances, its purest essence, to give shape to space. It is an exploration contaminated by creativity, in which matter takes shape and becomes decoration. Thus are born Luce, Terra, Aria and Acqua, four families of decorations designed to transform space into a place of the soul.

Its identity , stricking geometry of cubic lines, full of vibrant colours with interior spaces almost labyrinthine by the seaside.

To deepen the good looks we developed a subtle hammered surface, enriching and adding a handmade feel to top off the final result.

Time was conceived to commemorate a decade of collaboration between Mutina and Barber and Osgerby. It serves as an exploration of the natural weathering processes, where the recurrent actions of water and wind gradually erode and refine surfaces, shaping landscapes and evolving rugged features into sleek forms.

Miniature Fornace is further enhanced by the perfect representation of an irregular surface, soft and pleasant to the touch and able to capture and multiply the perception of light in any room, from kitchens to bathrooms. The range of warm, enveloping tones is designed to customise any context and meet any design requirement, even offering the possibility of coating curved surfaces and volumes.

Mutina America collection is available by setting up an appointment with one of our design libraries. Please contact your nearest design library to view these beautiful domestically stocked items.

Mutina America collection is available by setting up an appointment with one of our design libraries. Please contact your nearest design library to view these beautiful domestically stocked items.

Mutina America collection is available by setting up an appointment with one of our design libraries. Please contact your nearest design library to view these beautiful domestically stocked items.

Looking for a sophisticated and original outcome? Twister allows your personal pattern combination, opening a new dimension in your design plan. Decoration that becomes a piece of art, each wall a canvas and each piece a collector´s item. Twist your design until your plan comes true!

CONCRETE is an adaptable ceramics system inspired by the minimalist architecture of bare concrete surfaces.

Dynamic color variations flow across Waves surfaces, creating a contemporary, elegant and unique look.

Simplicity and beauty stand out through Nature surfaces. An original wood look obtained by the pickled wood that gives a slightly lighter color to the veins and faces. The deep soul of this pure and exclusive look dresses every space with a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Fringe - ornamental border made of threads or strips - is the first collection designed by Michael Anastassiades for Mutina.

Logico is the concrete effect reminiscent of the beat of urban life, the large bright spaces where the whole and the detail coexist with distant but complementary languages.

Experience our cool color notes, contrasts in glossy and matte and present your spaces the way you are.

Prima is a reminder of the essentiality of clay, revisited with an appealing contemporary accent. A material conceived to design environments with an instinctive, yet contemporary comfort.

MAND is a structure of porcelain stoneware wall tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The four MAND structures are each available in three colour variants that allow you to furnish the rooms and express your own style in complete freedom: staggered or straight, horizontal or vertical, mixed with other materials.

Folded XL consists of pure material pressed inside a latest-generation ceramic system that allows to create relief structures on large-size slabs for the first time. This way the pattern expands, allowing the play of light and shadow to develop even more easily along the entire surface.

With Kosei, which means composition in Japanese, Vincent Van Duysen proposes a range of ceramic surfaces developed with pure and tactile materials, inspired by lava rocks such as obsidian and volcanic glasses, which are homogeneous, amorphous and with exceptional hardness.

Déchirer was a breakthrough in the world of designer tiles. The use of Continua technology allowed to realise large slabs in unglazed porcelain stoneware, modular and single work-size, that can be used both on floors and walls.

Stone Edition is available in four textures for those who want the charm of a stone floor. Pietra Pece interprets a stone covering for interiors treated with powders and dark pigments and distinguished by high and low relief effects. Travertine reinterprets the sedimentary stone Roman travertine, in which small inclusions of fossils create a texture of materials stratified over time. Breccia Grey is a stoneware slab, resembling grey stone, on which white veins trace ever-changing patterns just like those of natural stone. Finally, Pietra di Borgogna, the most recognised French stone in the world, is beige in colour and has been used for centuries in architecture.

Venistone is the collection that reproduces the Venetian breccia with an approach to contemporary art, a recall to the design and to the city of Venice, in its most modern meaning.