With Hustle, anything goes. When colors and shapes ranging from traditional to modern are fused with high durability, the design options are boundless. Find your rhythm.

A stunning collection of glass tiles and mosaics featuring a soft satin finish in a fresh color pallete.

Inspired by newsrooms from the early 20th century, The Press uses a hexagon shape to create designs and patterns found in the architecture and design of this time. I

Suite Glass a unique, groundbreaking glass tile and mosaic program.

various artistic hand cut mosaic compositions available in different color options.

Artistic mosaic technuques made by hand-cutting each tile that allows a pattern to curve following natural lines. Semitransparent mosaics enriched with enamels and aventurine stone are placed artfully to bring harmony and color to your space and to achieve sinuous decorations. Custom colors and dimensions are available upon request.

Penny Mosaics are comprised of 98% recycled content.

Astoria brings all the dazzle, elegance, and flair in modern-cut classic forms with just the right amount of shimmer.

Montage is a handcrafted glass. A wide range of variation in color, shade and tone are to be expected within a given color.

Vihara glass is created through a handcrafted process that embraces the individuality of each tile. A wide range of variation in color, shade and surface texture are to be expected.

Beyond decoration, beyond the traditional mosaic concept, beyond chip size, rigidly defined geometrical space.

More than just a floor mosaic, this beautiful glass collection brings the element of ancient artistry to design.

Endless pallettes and patterns of glass mosaic tile.

A colorful selection of glass mosaics.

Uses transperency, pigment and light to tell a story

Inspired by the aesthetic of Japanese beauty

Lush color inspired by nature