Valentinais aimed at enhancing the elements of the old metal sheets of the construction sites, composed of two different models, it is a linear model and a closing model.

The leaf as a symbol of plant growth, the bamboo, as an element of greatness, given its height and finally the shell, a protective element or casing. These elements generate a pleasant sense of relaxation within an environment, the message that we want to convey with the birth of this line.

Design dialogue between volumes and chromatic elections as a common thread, with a contemporary and cosmopolitan feel. There are no longer any constraints to the customer´s imagination.

Looking for a sophisticated and original outcome? Twister allows your personal pattern combination, opening a new dimension in your design plan. Decoration that becomes a piece of art, each wall a canvas and each piece a collector´s item. Twist your design until your plan comes true!

Decisive hues ranging from pastels to stronger shades, always in the hexagonal shape that has made Hexa so memorable.

Miramar is a ceramic tile collection inspired by the organic geometry of nature and the colors of the land and sea of the California coast.

Like colors diluted in water and applied in translucent layers, enhancing the charms of the fluid color movement, its transparency and depth.

Wall Tiles Red Body Ceramic Heritage Effect

Dressed up or dressed down, Dakota celebrates the exquisitely natural contours that mother nature trained your eye for — sophisticated, versatile and simply chic.

Introducing Jonathan Adler’s debut tile series with Lunada Bay Tile—Shelter Island. Inspired by the tones of the land, sea, and air surrounding Jonathan’s iconic home, these quiet, semi-matte hues are harmonious with both minimalist and maximalist spaces.

Aplomb is a collection designed to clad environments with a modern, contemporary elegance and a strong yet discreet personality, giving life to pleasant atmospheres with relaxed,calming tones.

Mood Wall presents limitless options for both sophisticated and creative projects. The white tone and aligned reliefs of Highway make the ceramic tile a minimalist choice, but full of personality. Displaying a plowed land texture, between valleys and hills, Saraceno is a particular surface that invites touch and guarantees personality to the environment. Origens reproduces the flexibility of fibers and reveals a cozy and surprising surface for internal walls.

The classic English brick is the basis of color. Surface molded by hand that has been exposed to weather over the centuries undergoes a transformation through painting. Color Market’s palette is the result of a collective process.


Light and color are combined in an intense collection available in three shades – Bianco, Verde and Blu – to capture all the charm of the Amalfi Coast. The new 15x15 cm size features extremely straight edges and is used both on carpet decors and on 3D structures to produce a rectified effect, while animating the wall installation with its slight variations in thickness.

The bas-relief texture is a key feature of the project, shaping a retro, classic pattern that’s also ideal for contemporary living spaces. These tiles are perfect for bringing a touch of unexpected elegance to settings, for a smooth, pleasantly relaxing sensation.

A mixture of stone, porcelain and ceramics that are in stock.

A flagship collection, this classic has been revamped with a variety of formats and finishes to make it even more modern and versatile. Ideal for any commercial or residential space, let our color palette be your inspiration for your next project.

We started from the triangle and its solid, unshakable perfection. An essential, elementary shape. Then came the colour and, after that, the movement. Step by step, meticulously dosing every change in tone.

A collection with the most distinctive feature is the relationship between tile and space that is defined by lines and volumes, smooth (Marea), concave (Bassa-marea) and convex (Alta-marea). Marea is inspired by the sea and its movements.

A variety of glazes, sizes and trim for days!!!! Made in Southern California!

Grace collection is a diversity in color. It is oval and rectangular, shape your view.

Two complementary profi les, a minimalistic one and a bevelled that enhances the glazes properties, both in six estimulating colours for your senses.

We love the beauty of little things, the individual details that make up a whole. Uniqueness lies in the tiny flaws, the subtle variations that underline the nature of the material. Every day, we rediscover the value of experience, the care with which we observe things to breathe in their truest essence.

A tile collection that has all pieces and colors

A classic wall tile collection with beautiful colors and classic shapes.

HEXA ZELLIGE is a rainbow of vibrant colours.

The bathroom represents the most intimate and precious home's space, wehre italian taste, functionality and projectual coherence are of service to the individual well-being.

Casting visions of the European seaside, Mirazur roughly translates to “looking out at the blue ocean”. The undulating surface with refined imperfection captures just the right amount of light over a modern and vibrant color palette. An exceptional choice for a range of applications and styles, Mirazur brings fresh, upscale style to any space. Sustainably made in Spain, each piece truly creates natural beauty from the inside out.

Euphoria glaze formulations and kiln firing techniques are an evolution of the traditional Raku process, a type of Japanese pottery.


Shinju, the ceramic tile collection by Lunada Bay Tile, harvests inspiration from oysters, pearls, and the waters in which they live.

Graphite ceramic tile features a textured surface that is enhanced by a high-quality artistic matte glaze.

Create an artful impact with the modern multi-tone glaze effect evoked by the Riviera Collection. Fresh, stunning colors characterized by tone-on-tone color variation provide an updated, elegant aesthetic for any wall tile application.

In a world where differentiation is a competitive advantage, the products of the INTHETILE brand are designed and manufactured in a modern and innovative spanish production unit, with advanced technology in the area of surface treatments on ceramic tiles.

A ceramic wall tile, made in Italy, priced to sell and available in 2 finishes.

Pastel and rich vibrant colors, artisan finishes, trendy metallics and earthy stones to delight your senses. Presenting two lush and decorative shaped scales, tear and elle, to boho chic any living space to the most demanding taste.

Curtsey to the Imperial Moroccan city of Fez and its worldwide famous craft skills, considered as an alive cultural treasure. Designed with a traditional approach, that combines beauty and practicality, they are suitable for any neat environment. How to choose between the range of suggestive colours? glossy translucent finishes, soft mats, metallics in steel and copper sized 6.2x12,5cm (2.5”x5”) Twenty delightful alternatives full of life.

Graphitti 3 x 12 wall tiles.....make a statement.

Glossy finish beveled-edge tiles for walls.

All ADEX USA products work in unison or stand alone to bring dimensions, unity and drama to living and work environments.

Pure white with variations in size and shade