REVERSO stone-effect porcelain stoneware interprets the back side of travertine slabs, with slight imperfections, less evident and almost faded surface graphics.

Create an artful impact with the modern multi-tone glaze effect evoked by the Riviera Collection. Fresh, stunning colors characterized by tone-on-tone color variation provide an updated, elegant aesthetic for any wall tile application.

Room 12.10 the traditional size 10x10 - 4”x4” perfectly matches with our original selection of tonalities. Sage, Straw and Rose are the colors family that we thought to give you the possibility to create high level interior projects. Each family has three shades of colors, from the lightest to the darkest one, showing a chromatic effect, unseen before. Chalk, the pureness of the white, is a plain base to create the special decor we designed. Confetti, taken from the color famillies already mentioned, compose an innovative pattern, reminding a modern version of a terrazzo effect. Porcelain stoneware, rich glaze, artisanal effect. A traditional size revisited with a contemporary vision.