Walls, floors, this hexagon gives you multiple design options.

Take a look through our collection of basalt, lava, limestone, and marble products. All of our stone products can be customized and cut to size to meet your project specification.

Stone Edition is available in four textures for those who want the charm of a stone floor. Pietra Pece interprets a stone covering for interiors treated with powders and dark pigments and distinguished by high and low relief effects. Travertine reinterprets the sedimentary stone Roman travertine, in which small inclusions of fossils create a texture of materials stratified over time. Breccia Grey is a stoneware slab, resembling grey stone, on which white veins trace ever-changing patterns just like those of natural stone. Finally, Pietra di Borgogna, the most recognised French stone in the world, is beige in colour and has been used for centuries in architecture.