Abbey Stone embodies the way time alters and shapes the appearance by adding its special patina over the centuries.

Two complementary profi les, a minimalistic one and a bevelled that enhances the glazes properties, both in six estimulating colours for your senses.

Like colors diluted in water and applied in translucent layers, enhancing the charms of the fluid color movement, its transparency and depth.

Not your ordinary subway tile, this porcelain collection is an ideal choice for floors and walls that need that special touch.

Vibrant colors and versatile finishes come together for you to be the architect of your environment. Discover beauty in simplicity, create your masterpiece with Bits.

Pastel and rich vibrant colors, artisan finishes, trendy metallics and earthy stones to delight your senses. Presenting two lush and decorative shaped scales, tear and elle, to boho chic any living space to the most demanding taste.

Its identity , stricking geometry of cubic lines, full of vibrant colours with interior spaces almost labyrinthine by the seaside.

Revival in modern construction to resemble the character, warmth and connotations of the Countryside. In fusion with the actual trends, Cottage Collection, evokes picturesque houses full of charms. Two shapes: Hexagon sized 14x16cm (5.5x6.3”) and handmade in 7x14cm (2.7”x5.5”), both in porcelain for any launch or open space use. Whitewashed coloured terracotas, naturally aged and shaded in versions sand, cotto, graphite, grey and off white. Magical inspiration for today´s home to the highest demands.

Duo is the duality of gloss and matt within the same pieces, the richness of the glossy lush glazes and the maticity in perfect balance over a porcelain body.

"Nakama" and its decors "Wabi" and "Kinstsugi", are inspired in the rustic simplicity, stillness and the imperfect quality of any object that gives elegance to the whole. "Karui" and its decor "Suki", combine shine, freshness and tradition with the warmth of nature.

Fayenza is our more translucid creation, showcasing the fluidity and beauty of cristaline glazes. Backed with the ancient inherited expertise of our ceramists and design oriented background, each colour version has been caringly developed in the perfect environment and breeding ground, to express our vision of tiles excellence

Curtsey to the Imperial Moroccan city of Fez and its worldwide famous craft skills, considered as an alive cultural treasure. Designed with a traditional approach, that combines beauty and practicality, they are suitable for any neat environment. How to choose between the range of suggestive colours? glossy translucent finishes, soft mats, metallics in steel and copper sized 6.2x12,5cm (2.5”x5”) Twenty delightful alternatives full of life.

Porcelain body art, apt for any application: exterior use as well as residential and commercial.

Inspired in natural stones Piasentina and Calacatta, highly valued for their aesthetics, refi ned veins and versatility to combine with any other looking finish.

Grace collection is a diversity in color. It is oval and rectangular, shape your view.

To deepen the good looks we developed a subtle hammered surface, enriching and adding a handmade feel to top off the final result.

Mud, reconnects us with our passion to work with natural materials, stories of crafts and beauty. Craftmanship detail with a minimalist design language and two complementary speeches conducting it: square and diamond shapes.

A design in a transitional stage, on going development over a matt canvas where passing through points, lines are created to conform your own making.

Celebrate the beauty of irregular edges, where tradition meets modernity.

Celebrate the beauty of irregular edges, where tradition meets modernity.

Experience our cool color notes, contrasts in glossy and matte and present your spaces the way you are.

Roots is our vision of the Terracota. This collection has been created using a specially formulated matte enamel for use both indoors and outdoors.

Six, proposes a contemporary and functional stay, where you can explore new uses of its porcelain body that can be placed in any wall or floor, even exterior.

Stardust is inspired in the outer space; It is our interpretation through texture, colour application and a touch of WOW

Inspired in the nineteenth century by the hand made cement tiles full of character and recalling the mastery of the mosaic artisans, who composed their designs one piece at the time.

Design dialogue between volumes and chromatic elections as a common thread, with a contemporary and cosmopolitan feel. There are no longer any constraints to the customer´s imagination.

Looking for a sophisticated and original outcome? Twister allows your personal pattern combination, opening a new dimension in your design plan. Decoration that becomes a piece of art, each wall a canvas and each piece a collector´s item. Twist your design until your plan comes true!