Maestro offers six colors, from the classic Carrara look to the deep and mysterious shades of precious metal.

Dozens of colors for various wall tile applications

MAND is a structure of porcelain stoneware wall tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The four MAND structures are each available in three colour variants that allow you to furnish the rooms and express your own style in complete freedom: staggered or straight, horizontal or vertical, mixed with other materials.

A limestone rich in details, shade variation and irregularities.

The eternal charm of the city of Roma caput mundi revives in a collection dedicated to precious marbles from the most remote provinces of the Roman Empire, from Gaul to Anatolia, from Spain to West Africa.

Beauty and elegance for an unmistakable style.

A contemporary reading of venetial terrazzo.

Creativity without limits, to design each space according to a modern lifestyle.

Courageous sensitivity and restrained elation. Duality revealed in the Micra collection making it a versatile collection for contrasting tastes. The aesthetic of the Micra collection is based on an intense palette of coloured cements inlaid with tiny fragments in varied intensities. Micra consists of a wide range of porcelain and wall tiles with uneven pieces.

A timeless style, in which minimalism becomes an expressive language. MÔTLEY’s sophisticated appeal has a clear design intent: to illustrate all the elegance and simplicity of stone.

Multiforme enhances the ability of ceramic surfaces to dress up spaces, thanks to decoration solutions ranging from small Brick 7.5x30 ​​​​​​ to large sizes, as the ultra-thin slab 120x278, from geometric designs to floral patterns and a wide range of mosaics for a "wallpaper" effect

Eight colours with an intimist accent glow with an extra glossy material made of glass powder grit, conferring surfaces a realistic texture and a vibrant sheen. The effects are made even more vivid and profound by a concave structure with machined corners that restores the unique flavour of handmade imperfections, enhancing the feeling of movement and shine of the whole.

Déchirer was a breakthrough in the world of designer tiles. The use of Continua technology allowed to realise large slabs in unglazed porcelain stoneware, modular and single work-size, that can be used both on floors and walls.

Folded XL consists of pure material pressed inside a latest-generation ceramic system that allows to create relief structures on large-size slabs for the first time. This way the pattern expands, allowing the play of light and shadow to develop even more easily along the entire surface.

Fringe - ornamental border made of threads or strips - is the first collection designed by Michael Anastassiades for Mutina.

With Kosei, which means composition in Japanese, Vincent Van Duysen proposes a range of ceramic surfaces developed with pure and tactile materials, inspired by lava rocks such as obsidian and volcanic glasses, which are homogeneous, amorphous and with exceptional hardness.

Renga is a micro-architecture, conceived to be multiplied like brick constructions. This makes it possible to create a great variety of forms within a space.

Time was conceived to commemorate a decade of collaboration between Mutina and Barber and Osgerby. It serves as an exploration of the natural weathering processes, where the recurrent actions of water and wind gradually erode and refine surfaces, shaping landscapes and evolving rugged features into sleek forms.