Sable is the collection that enhances the space like a landscape of colour. All of the material nature of sand expressed in porcelain stoneware.

From an idea derived from the collaboration with “Neropaco”, the poetry of wood meets the strong character of concrete in an elegant, sophisticated ceramic combination.

Sixty features surfaces enriched with original effects derived from matter itself, with an amplified tactile dimension: a new aesthetic, in a contemporary collection ideal for architectural use, with a wealth of compositional inspirations and potentials.

Premium marble and stone tiles curated by our highly-selective design team. Each stone is individually chosen for its supreme craftsmanship, with natural striations and textures irresistible to the touch,

The contrasts and brightness of a starlit sky becomes the inspiring concept of a surface that welcomes and gently reflects light. The ton-sur-ton wein patterns and metalflake reflections emphasis the elegance of an unprecedented and trendy material.

Walls, floors, this hexagon gives you multiple design options.

Stick proves to be a collection with very ductile uses. It lends itself to both vertical and horizontal laying, just as it can be used for wall and floor coverings.

Stone Edition is available in four textures for those who want the charm of a stone floor. Pietra Pece interprets a stone covering for interiors treated with powders and dark pigments and distinguished by high and low relief effects. Travertine reinterprets the sedimentary stone Roman travertine, in which small inclusions of fossils create a texture of materials stratified over time. Breccia Grey is a stoneware slab, resembling grey stone, on which white veins trace ever-changing patterns just like those of natural stone. Finally, Pietra di Borgogna, the most recognised French stone in the world, is beige in colour and has been used for centuries in architecture.

Here, two different starting points, stone and concrete, have been combined to create a highly original and expertly amalgamated aesthetic and graphic mixture. The resulting style is both gentle and strong, which makes it ideal for anyone looking for a subtle stone solution or an original concrete effect.

An ode to the renowned natural stone and its expressive power. This is Stonehenge, a completely new reinterpretation of the iconic British stone. Known for its sedimentary origins and use in local homes, the British stone has been given new life by Ergon to face the challenges of modern design.

The Stoneline collection is inspired by a sedimentary rock characterized by different types and sizes of detrital fragments which have amalgamated together over time.

A journey that runs across traces and natural signs, to the discovery of a free and strong design

Porcelain Encaustic Cement Tiles Effect

Swing Collection: the Art Deco floor Energy, vitality, light-heartedness: the decorative themes of Art Déco inspire a harmony of geometries and colours that repeat its immortal charm and celebrate the glories of an era. A full immersion, a return to the times of the Great Gatsby, available with the 4 embellishments of the Petracer’s Swing ceramics: Labirinto and Geometria, with their clean-cut, straight lines, Piuma and Pavone, with the softness of their rounded lines. Art deco floor and wall facings are available in 6 combinations, from the classic and supremely elegant white on white and black on black, to the precious interweaving of brass and sterling silver on black or white.