Vivid wood, with natural tones and prominent grain, is the source of inspiration for a colored-body glazed stoneare tile with excellent technical performaces which guarantee enduring beauty.

Designed to connect the inside and outside of the home, Lith serves the entirety of spaces and is the epitome of duality of nature.

The evolution of stone, an original aesthetic. Result of a deep research and of an incessant experimentation.

Logico is the concrete effect reminiscent of the beat of urban life, the large bright spaces where the whole and the detail coexist with distant but complementary languages.

Lombarda expands the potential of contemporary architecture with a collection inpsired by Ceppo di Gré, the stone used for Milan's most iconic 20C buildings. With the striking, charismatic Lombarda, confirms its technical excellence and offers a style rich in meaning and prestige for the design of public and private interiors. The ceramic covering harmonises architectural forms to realise exclusive design projects. Lombarda is available in three colours, in semi-polished and natural finishesm and inspires new architectural approaches where elegance and practicality meet.

Small, very shiny stoneware brick tiles are placed side by side, generating interplays of light on surfaces that bestow vibrancy on interiors in even the darkest colors.