The precision of the metal look meets the experimenation and transformations visualised by high level design, briging to life a porcelain tile collection with extraordinary visual power.

The marble look means timeless elegance: naturally at ease in contexts with strong reminders of the past, yet equally at home in contemporary settings. With Anima Futura, Caesar porcelain stoneware lights up the radiant beauty of marble from an original perspective, suggesting a deeply trendy style with a keen eye on the future. A charm-packed look for the 21st Century.

Age-old quartzite, forged by primeval natural forces, is the inspiration for a new ceramic material. Clash is the ideal product for combining the impulsive beauty of stone with the unparalleled performance of Caesar porcelain stoneware.

The look of one of the most precious types, to dress the home and other architectural spaces with warm and enveloping atmospheres. Places to enjoy intense and fulfilling moments of everyday life, embraced by a natural and elegant, simple and contemporary design. Cocoon is the ideal combination to fully express your emotions.

So many shapes, only one core. Squares or rectangles, thick or slim sizes, smooth or structured surfaces: Core always stands out to show a variety of different faces and become an idea of beauty that meets with the needs of contemporary design

A unique blend of crafted wood planks in captivating shades reveals a long lasting beauty.

Foundry26 metal-effect porcelain stoneware is the ideal solution to meet, with personality and originality, the demands of modern architectural requirements in residential ambiances and commercial indoor spaces.

Inspired by quartzite, iNNER gres porcelain stoneware reinterprets this language in a contemporary way and, through the emotions, reaches the heart of our innermost self.

Key_Mood draws its inspiration from a classic Italian stone, which is elemental and elegant, interpreting it with a modern and minimalist twist; this line of porcelain tiles takes man back to his essence, a return to nature towards unprecedented style accomplishments.

Reproducing the typical color shading of wood

A contemporary surface design that links concrete versatility with stone appeal Inspired by the beauty of natural stone merged with the strength of concrete, Link expresses an ambiance that is both subtle and captivating. A gentle movement of fine grains and details communicates a modern elegance compatible with any style.

An antiqued and eclectric wood look that matches your tast, but also materials and inspirations, to give rise to the style you desire

Simplicity and beauty stand out through Nature surfaces. An original wood look obtained by the pickled wood that gives a slightly lighter color to the veins and faces. The deep soul of this pure and exclusive look dresses every space with a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Natural appearance, warmth and elegance lead your journey through the extraordinary beauty of Pathway surfaces. Inspired by the world of limestones, the accurate exploration and redefinition of this stone peculiarities makes any space exclusive and refined.

Pillar interprets and exalts the warm tones of the typical French limestones, always appreciated for their versatility and aesthetic balance, guaranteeing at the same time hygiene and durability in interior floors and walls, in both residential and commercial areas.

Chose your stone from your favorite area, porcelain style.

Prima is a reminder of the essentiality of clay, revisited with an appealing contemporary accent. A material conceived to design environments with an instinctive, yet contemporary comfort.

The beauty of the finest alpine quartzites is given a new lease on life in a stoneware interpretation with a contemporary twist: Quartz Essence uncovers the myriad facets of uncontaminated natural stone.

A soft movement of a linear porcelain floor tile that will enhance any space.

Shapes of Italy is inspired by seven natural stones that have created the history of Italian architecture.

Slab2 imprints the very essence of slate on the ceramic surface, so alive and dynamic that it evolves continuously without ever losing its expressive identity. A transversal subject of design and imagination, capable of being modernised in any environment, going beyond the fashions of the time and the boundaries of genre and style.

A great stone option with a price point to meet budget.

Four veined stones unite in a comtemporary porcelain design. A flow of delicate shades dresses every space with elegance.

Modern design finds its perfect correspondence with the soft lines and immersive shades of the collection. A palette of colors in tune with the contemporary design and architectural trends represents the best choice for the most innovative interior design projects.

Dynamic color variations flow across Waves surfaces, creating a contemporary, elegant and unique look.

Innovative finishes and textures

A versatile colelction in which the typically "urban" nature of cement is expressed in a new way

Cluster was inspired by the traditional Venetian Palladian tile made of fragments of precious marble, including Carrara marble. A product that is part of one of those macro trends that we can still affirm are experiencing a long wave: the terrazzo.

CONCRETE is an adaptable ceramics system inspired by the minimalist architecture of bare concrete surfaces.

The highly contemporary Confetti collection restyles Venetian Terrazzo flooring. A porcelain stoneware whose strength lies in its style and colours that combine perfectly with wall tiles.

Combining different stones, a unique and original surface is created, where diversity becomes the new beauty, to be discovered through a slightly "lived-in" texture.

Inspired by the sobriety and sophistication of metal, the Corten collection brings the subtle nuances of oxidized steel to 7mm-thick large-format ceramic tiles. A collection brimming with expressive potential, perfect for projects of all kinds.

Warmth of wood and elegance of large-size tile

Crete is the collection inspired by the fire of the earth and pure craftsmanship, as an element of uniqueness in nature. We have observed how hands shape this material to capture and reproduce a living product of natural beauty.