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Porcelain Tile

A denser, less porous member of the ceramic tile family, porcelain tile is a hardwearing choice suitable for indoor areas with heavy foot traffic as well as outdoor applications. With the same easy-to-maintain, adaptable structure of ceramic tile, porcelain tile offers the same vast range of aesthetic possibilities.

Alphabetical collections:  


A return to art and craftsmanship.

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Alchemy 7.0

Industry and crafts are mixed to create a unique collection 

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Brushed paint strokes give this porcelain alluminum tile just the right amount of movement.  

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Porcelain stonewear featuring a variety of encaustic 8 x 8 designs 

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Guided by the deepest inspiration of our being, our culter and our time, From the depths of the earth we evoke ancient stones that are diluted in the ocean of time. Earth, sea, and air take shape in our world with textures and colors that trap the senses.

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Stone based on nature

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Arbor 2cm porcelain pavers

Arbor comes in three colors options, and 20mm thickness.

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Fragments of matter and neutral colors to design a stylized texture 

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