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Porcelain Tile

A denser, less porous member of the ceramic tile family, porcelain tile is a hardwearing choice suitable for indoor areas with heavy foot traffic as well as outdoor applications. With the same easy-to-maintain, adaptable structure of ceramic tile, porcelain tile offers the same vast range of aesthetic possibilities.

Alphabetical collections:  

On Square

The perfection of concrete becomes a ceramic material.

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Open Air

The decorations offer a new take on the classic and geometric modules that offer a number of composition options and colour solutions in pastel shades. Available in six individual patterns, also in the 20×20 size.

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Opera is inspired by the world of wood and Italian-style theater. It is influenced by places with a timeless soul that still today em- body an imprint, a breath and an experience full of emotions.  At the same time, the Italian word
“opera” (as in “work”) evokes the great mastery of a well done job.

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Characterized by extremely realistic material effects, enriched with glossy inclusions on an opaque background, Opus is inspired by a material rich in Italian History. 

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Oro is synonymous with precious materials.

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OUDH is in perfect harmony with the Biophilic Design trend, which embraces the need to get back in touch with nature, both at home and at work, using materials with tactile textures and warm, natural colours.

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The art of softening the expressive hardness of metal in ceramics.

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