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Porcelain Tile

A denser, less porous member of the ceramic tile family, porcelain tile is a hardwearing choice suitable for indoor areas with heavy foot traffic as well as outdoor applications. With the same easy-to-maintain, adaptable structure of ceramic tile, porcelain tile offers the same vast range of aesthetic possibilities.

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Truth is a thing immortal and perpetual, and it gives to us a beauty that fades not away in time. 

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Denim, it works with everything.  

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Dent Cube

Dent Cube evokes images of masu, the symbol of celebration, lined up in an orderly fashion. Its unevenness creates a feeling of three dimensions and generates shadows. Combining two colors of tiles from the same series can create a space with a greater feeling of change.

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design industry


Strength and simplicity are the backdrop of welcoming and comforting spaces to be shared with those you love.

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Dolomiti - 2cm porcelain pavers

Through body porcelain. 20 mm thickness.

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Modern architectural concrete is a welcome addition to our conrete looking porcelain tile collections. 

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Duo is the duality of gloss and matt within the same pieces, the richness of the glossy lush glazes and the maticity in perfect balance over a porcelain body.


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