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Porcelain Tile

A denser, less porous member of the ceramic tile family, porcelain tile is a hardwearing choice suitable for indoor areas with heavy foot traffic as well as outdoor applications. With the same easy-to-maintain, adaptable structure of ceramic tile, porcelain tile offers the same vast range of aesthetic possibilities.

Alphabetical collections:  


The continuous technological research by Lea Ceramiche completes the Waterfall surfaces project by offering it on Slimtech 5plus. Waterfall increases its value by taking on the role of a “surface system”; with the exceptional 100x30 cm slabs and the 20 mm thick L2 System line. Lea Ceramiche gives to the designer a covering product that knows no boundaries.

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Waterfalls - a magnificent achievement in floor & wall tile design.

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West 57th Pavers - 2cm porcelain pavers

West 57th Pavers features tile in 20mm thickness.

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Porcelain Wood Tile  unlike the rest. 

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Offered in three colors, Woodscape is an extremely versatile material suitable for both commercial and residential application. Woodscape combines“warmth” with aesthetic refinement and functionality which are typical of porcelain stoneware.

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Woodtalk 2cm porcelain pavers

Wooden planks weathered by years of exposure to the light provide the inspiration for this proposal in hi-tech natural porcelain stoneware which is modern and extremely hard-wearing.

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Combining natural elegance and technical excellence, Woodtouch, a collection inspired by the beauty of brushed and varnished oak, is available with three surface finishes specially designed to ensure optimal performance for every intended application. 

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Worn leather acquires unique charm and personality 

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WOW Bejmat

Not your ordinary subway tile, this porcelain collection is an ideal choice for floors and walls that need that special touch. 

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WOW Briques

Dry pressed in porcelain body for interior and exterior use

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WOW Cement

Part of WOW's Cement Collection 

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WOW Denim

Denim, it works with everything.  

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Duo is the duality of gloss and matt within the same pieces, the richness of the glossy lush glazes and the maticity in perfect balance over a porcelain body.


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WOW Elle Floor

Unique pattern to create custom designs. 

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WOW Enso

"Nakama" and its decors "Wabi" and "Kinstsugi", are inspired in the rustic simplicity, stillness and the imperfect quality of any object that gives elegance to the whole. "Karui" and its decor "Suki", combine shine, freshness and tradition with the warmth of nature.

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Inspired in natural stones Piasentina and Calacatta, highly valued for their aesthetics, refi ned veins and versatility to combine with any other looking finish.

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WOW Gradient

Softening tones for trendy aesthetic 

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WOW Love Affairs

Four shapes, seventeen finishes... FALL IN LOVE!
Dare to fall in love from your inner self to your surroundings; through shapes,
colours, finishes and their endless matching possibilities.
Play and walk over woods, concrete, stones and marbles all combinable
between them, to create your own fashionable romance around you. 

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WOW Mestizaje

Vibrant and translucent colors 

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Six, proposes a contemporary and functional stay, where you can explore new uses of its porcelain body 

that can be placed in any wall or floor, even exterior.

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WOW Solids

A new geometry in perfect balance.
A tool to allow freedom of design through an elegant range of
colours in 5 modular sizes.
Pushing the boundaries, the key ingredients are: porcelain, rectified,
coloured through body and its modularity as the inspiration for
efficient design.
Innovative and combinable in an infinite number of ways.

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WOW Stripes