Italy Tile - COVID-19 Update: Business as Usual

Today we want to reassure you that all of our tiles from Italy are in full production and orders are being fulfilled and shipped to our US distribution centers. 
Let us start by saying our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Italy, and everyone throughout the world, as we all deal with COVID-19.
We wanted to let you know that in the midst of this global pandemic, we continue to be in close communication with all of our Italian tile suppliers. They assure us, as they follow the Italian government’s new national guidelines, that travel restrictions do not apply to the circulation and transit of goods as well as the manufacturing.
Business for our Italian tile suppliers in Italy is operating on a normal basis, including production, logistics and transportation of goods. Sales and operations, and the people who are involved in running all business aspects are continuing to work without interruption. There is no ban on the circulation of the goods, production, or on the ability of employees to report to work at our suppliers’ production facilities.
To comply with the Italian government’s new workplace requirements, each of SpecCeramics’s Italian suppliers have taken steps to install hygienic, sanitizing devices. Additional prevention and protection measures are in place at all of each company’s entry points, reception centers and loading areas. Our suppliers assure us that all ongoing business activities comply with government safety guidelines to protect employees, as well as our customers, suppliers and transport firms. 
SpecCeramics is dedicated to providing an exquisite Italian product selection for our customers. We will continue to monitor the situation and we will update our vendors and customers with any relevant news as it occurs.
Thank you for your business, your confidence and your shared belief in the enduring beauty of Italian tile artistry.