2016 Hospitality Design Award

SpecCeramics is excited to announce that our WOW wall tile collection has been nominated for a 2016 HD Award! This collection features a wide variety of ceramic wall tile suited for any design project. Each different format is compatible with each other, and with different colors and finishes to choose from, the setting possibilities are endless. Featuring various different angles and textures on each ceramic tile option, these products utilize the integration of light and shadow in architecture. One fabulous element of WOW is that it enables designers to create surfaces that shift and transform with the changing of light and seasons. This line allows for infinite combinations between different shapes, making it a great and versatile product.
WOW products are made with high quality white body ceramic. While other dimensional products are commonly made using different types of material, the ceramic material used to create this collection provides the advantages of great durability and resistance, making it suitable for any kind of space. Even in conditions with excessive humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens, it can be guaranteed that WOW tiles can withstand the challenge. These products are also designed to take full advantage of the spaces, offering various solutions in order to cover up to the most complicated zones, like corners.
WOW wall tiles have been designed to enhance any space’s personality by using a contemporary aesthetic and an attractive look. The minimal and neutral aesthetic of the collection is suitable for any space, from home spaces to hotels or stores, making it a very versatile product with a great space integration. The architectonic inspiration makes it an eternal product that gives a new and timeless personality to each space. Thanks to the accentuated relief of the tile, it evolves with the light along the day and even the seasons, allowing the line to generate live and constantly changing spaces.
The HD Award show will be held Wednesday, June 8th from 7-10 pm at Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York. For more information on how to puchase tickets, please click here