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Thin Profile Porcelain Tile
SpecThin Catalog 2013
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When Dave Leal, CEO of SpecCeramics, first saw the new Kerlite line of thin profile, large format porcelain tile a few years ago he knew right away that he was witnessing the start of a revolution. From that day Specceramics has been a leader in promoting and supplying this great new product.

See how SpecCeramics and thin profile tile helped solve this restaurateur's vexing problem — Watch Video

We represent over 30 thin tile collections from the top manufacturers and stock 7 collections as part of our Quick Ship Program. Call us today for more information or come visit one of our Design Libraries to experience this amazing product in person.

Below are the PDF brochures of some of the collections we carry:

For a full list of our thin profile, large format porcelain tile collections click here.

SpecThin Catalog Print
SpecThin Catalog 2013

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